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How it works

Bottomless Brunch Sushi Kit

1. Choose Your Box

We have a range of Japanese Boxes & Sushi Kits. Each contain the essential hard-to-source ingredients to cook restaurant-quality meals at home.

Unpacking Box

2. We Deliver to Your Door

Delivery in 2-3 working days. 

groceries, fruit, vegetables

3. Combine Your Ingredients

Combine your Cuisine Box items with a few ingredients from your fridge or cupboard.

Rolling Sushi

4. Let Your Cooking Adventure Begin!

Follow our step-by-step recipe guide to cook a single dish or whole feasting menu

Enjoy with Friends and Family

5. Get Feasting

Treat yourself or impress your friends and family with your creative cooking 

Happy Birthday Gift Wrap Squared

6. Buy a Box For a Foodie Friend

With all items being suitable for cupboard storage, prior to opening, a Cuisine Box makes for a perfect gift. 

Soba Noodles 250g
Yuzu Ponzu Sauce 150ml
Roasted Black Sesame Seeds
Yutaka Udon Noodles 250g
About Cuisine Box

We deliver creative recipe boxes so you can cook restaurant-quality meals at home, to enjoy with friends and family. Customer’s can choose between Japanese, Indian and Thai Boxes, each containing the essential ingredients and step-by-step recipe guides. On the day customers can pick up fresh, easy-to-source ingredients from their local shop. Customers can then cook restaurant-quality meals at home, to enjoy with friends and family.

About Cuisine Box – It all started with a dinner party that went wrong

With a grand plan to cook up an Asian feast, we were excited to cook and host friends for dinner. However, our plans went awry when our supermarket shop arrived with several replacements. As a result, what should have been an enjoyable afternoon, picking up a couple of ingredients locally and prepping food, ended up being a treasure hunt in and out of multiple shops to source the right ingredients.  Preparations became very delayed and, as a result, our guests ended up rolling the sushi with us. This was, incidentally, great fun.

Subsequently, through speaking with friends, we realised that many others were struggling to access specialist ingredients. Determined to make the sourcing and cooking of international dishes more accessible, we set up Cuisine Box. 

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