About Cuisine Box

Our Mission:

We believe cooking and dining are at the centre of life’s best experiences. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you know, with our step-by-step guides and hard-to-source ingredients you can create iconic international dishes from the comfort of your own home. Host an unforgettable experience with Cuisine Box.

How To Make Sushi at Home


Sushi Brunch


Indian Street Food & Curry Box - The Party Menu


The Story:

It all started with a dinner party that went wrong

We’re a lifestyle food box company set up by partners Fiona and Manuel.

Our story began with a dinner party that went wrong. With a grand plan to cook up an Asian feast, our supermarket shop arrived with several replacements, and what should have been an enjoyable afternoon picking up a couple of ingredients locally and prepping food, ended up being a treasure hunt in and out of four different shops to source the right ingredients. Our preparations became so delayed that our guests ended up rolling the sushi with us  (which incidentally was good fun!). 

Speaking to friends, we realised that many others struggled to access specialist ingredients. Some were active home cooks who liked to cook international cuisines but found the time spent shopping around laborious. Others enjoyed eating international cuisine but didn’t know where to start when it came to sourcing and cooking.  Determined to share the joy of cooking international cuisines, we created cuisine box to bring specialist ingredients into more people’s homes.

About Us

Fiona & Manuel

Manuel grew up in the Patagonia region of Argentina. With a passion for cooking from a young age, he went on to study both a Degree in Gastronomy and Bachelor of Hotel Management in Argentina before studying a Masters of Hotel Business in Barcelona.  In 2020 he was awarded the Acorn Award as one of the hospitality Industry’s 30 under 30.

Fiona is from the North West of England. Growing up, her family home was often used for hosting parties, dinner parties and family get togethers. Fiona continued this love for hosting by organising charity events at University alongside her History Degree. She has worked in the operations and business development within the Hotel industry in Amsterdam and London. 

Currently residing in London, the couple have a combined experience of 17 years in hospitality, food & beverage.

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